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Benefits Of Using A Keypad Door Entry System On Properties





Most people these days have a keypad door entry installed in their properties. It's because there are many benefits to using one of these systems. This article will highlight some of the benefits of having a keypad door entry installed on your property.


Added security


A keypad door entry provides greater protection than standard locks. With automated lock systems, you eliminate the safety risks with keyed entry. There's a much smaller chance of thieves picking or forcing entry with automatic locks than keyed ones.


More control


If you run a company with high turnover or frequently lend your keys to house sitters, keyless locks are a must. You have greater control over who has access to your property if you use smart locks. A keypad entry door lock prevents anyone else from entering your home other than those you allow. There is no longer a need to be concerned about who still has access to your keys.




Locks with automated locks have unavailable features on typical lock and key systems. You may personalise the degree of security you require. A keypad entry door lock like the one that C Prox Ltd Including Quantek offers allows the user to pick whatever is best for them, whether it's cylindrical latches, deadbolts, or deadlatches or mortises.


The convenience of a keyless system


The most significant advantage is that it is more convenient. The need for keys is gone. There's no need to carry them, keep track of copies and spares, or change locks when a key is stolen or lost. Rather than a key, children, guests, and service providers might be assigned their code or a temporary code.


Easy installation


Suppose you want to install a keypad lock. In that case, many people believe you'll have to make substantial modifications to the door or frames. That isn't correct. Keypad locks may be readily installed on conventional doors in most situations, much like any other lock. Mechanical and battery-operated keypad locks that do not need access to electricity are available.


Integration with access control systems


Keypad systems can be utilised in conjunction with access control. This allows firms to limit access permission even if a valid code is used, especially during certain hours of the day or night. Businesses may also utilise keypad-based entry inside their premises. This restricts folks' access to specific parts of the facility. It's useful for company owners who wish to limit workers' access to particular areas of an office complex at certain times of the day.


Remote access


Multi-site businesses will benefit from a feature to track customer interactions in real-time. It's particularly useful for multi-site firms that must keep track of visits from several sites using a single database. An administrator can open any door from anywhere using remote access on a keyless entry system, whether to let in an employee after-hours, handle a delivery, or even allow first responders into the building during a crisis.


Admins may also access the system remotely and make changes to schedules, permissions, and system users on the fly without visiting the site.


Information management


A conventional key does not reveal who opened the door or when. It may be a legal problem and causes auditing difficulties. Because keyless access technologies use encrypted communication to verify unique credentials, you have more data at your disposal.


A keypad door entry system with on-demand or persistent monitoring provides real-time access data and comprehensive reporting. This is excellent for auditing the system regularly and responding to alarms and security threats. Enterprise mobility management software embedding and utilising activity data generates behavioural learning insights that help businesses improve facility management and make long-term decisions.




Businesses can benefit from having a keypad door entry system in various ways. Mobile, cloud-based, wireless, and other high-tech solutions give businesses greater freedom to meet ever-changing business demands. Electronic door entry systems are simpler to upgrade with the most up-to-date security technology and software. They're more scalable than traditional office door locks. Commercial entry solutions help future-proof the workplace by providing advanced technology.


Indeed, there are many benefits that you can enjoy in using keypad door entry systems. Keypad door entry is a convenient and cost-effective way to provide access control for employees, visitors, and service providers. Keyless systems are also more secure than traditional locks because they use encrypted communication to verify unique credentials that cannot be easily duplicated. The security of keyless technology allows you to monitor your facility from anywhere with internet connectivity remotely. Enjoy these benefits by calling a trusted keypad door entry system provider in your area.





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